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Rose Hanbury Denounces Rumors of Affair with Prince William Through Legal Team

Published March 19, 2024
2 months ago

The rumor mill surrounding Rose Hanbury and Prince William has been in overdrive for years, with speculations of an affair effectively captivating public interest. Despite the strength of the rumors and their persistence in the press and on social media, no official statement had been made by either party—until now. In a critical move, Rose Hanbury has broken her silence regarding the purported affair with Prince William, aiming to set the record straight.

Business Insider conducted a comprehensive investigation into the rumors that have long plagued Hanbury and the British royal family. The publication's diligent outreach to the involved parties has finally resulted in a declaration from Hanbury's legal team. While Kensington Palace maintained its stance, choosing not to comment on the matter, a definitive response came from Hanbury's representatives: "the rumors are completely false."

This case of denial marks the first instance of Hanbury directly addressing the speculations that have entangled her and Prince William. The rumors had amplified to such an extent that they reached mainstream attention, being referenced in jest on shows like Stephen Colbert's. The gravity of the situation is underscored by Prince William reportedly initiating legal warnings in the past, yet without any concrete evidence of an affair ever coming to light, consisting mostly of deleted tweets and unverified claims.

Historically, Hanbury and Kate Middleton maintained a close friendship, but a highly publicized article published by The Sun in 2019 cited a significant rift between the two, igniting talks of legal recourse from both parties. Further fuel was added to the fire when writers Giles Coren and Nicole Cliffe hinted at having knowledge of Hanbury's alleged affair with Prince William.

Their supposed estrangement showed signs of mending after the Coronation of Charles III, but Kate Middleton's recent lack of public presence has rekindled speculation. Now, with Hanbury's unequivocal rebuff through her legal team, a line seems to have been drawn in the sand regarding these rumors.

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