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PRASA Looters' Extravagant Lifestyles Exposed Amid Ongoing Corruption Investigations

Published March 18, 2024
2 months ago

In a dramatic unveiling of corruption and opulence, the second part of a revelatory series by Satori News Agency digs into the ongoing investigations surrounding the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) and its dealings with Swifambo Rail Leasing. Central to the scandal are Makhensa Mabunda and Auswell Mashaba, the key players implicated in the purchase of unserviceable locomotives that have cost PRASA millions, while bolstering the grand lifestyles of the alleged culprits.

Once a prominent bidder for PRASA contracts, Makhensa Mabunda's lavish living belies the origins of his wealth. Investigations reveal that PRASA funds financed opulent upgrades to his R30 million mansion. From the ENS forensic investigation to the audacious findings from the Zondo Commission's draft report, Mabunda's financial maneuverings have been scrutinised, uncovering transactions indicative of kickbacks from a corrupt deal with locomotive supplier Vossloh.

Auswell Mashaba, former Swifambo director, is no stranger to luxury, with over R50 million splashed on properties, including a cash transaction for the upscale AM Lodge. Profits from Swifambo, thanks to PRASA's payments, fueled the growth of the Mashaba family's estate. Despite the courts invalidating the PRASA deal as corrupt, and Swifambo's subsequent liquidation, attempts to recoup the mishandled funds continue, with the Tshwane Trust pursuing legal action against Mashaba and his business empire.

Investigations into both these men are ongoing. Spain's request for legal assistance from the National Prosecuting Authority points to the international reach of this scandal, while the Special Investigating Unit delves domestically. As legal proceedings inch forward, with Swifambo's contract under the microscope, Mabunda and Mashaba's empires built on misappropriated state funds could crumble under the weight of law enforcement and public scrutiny.

This saga of corruption underscores a systemic failure where banks and auditors overlooked glaring signs of malfeasance. Satori News will continue its investigative series, turning the spotlight next on those complicit financial institutions and watchdogs that failed to bark, enabling the looting sprees.

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