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Safeguarding Corporate Data: The Risks and Protections for Businesses Using Chatbots

Published December 31, 2023
7 months ago

The adoption of chatbots in business settings has been accelerated by the growing convenience and capabilities of technology like ChatGPT. However, this comes with a series of potential privacy risks that Kaspersky's recent survey and analysis reveal. According to the data, 11% of Russian respondents have engaged with chatbots, while a significant portion of office workers in Belgium (50%) and the UK (65%) rely on these tools, like ChatGPT, potentially raising concerns about privacy and data security.

Kaspersky researchers elaborated on the vulnerability of LLM-based (Large Language Models) chatbots to risks including hacks or accidental data leaks on the provider's side, security threats from malicious third-party clients, and the compromise of sensitive data through the inherent "unintended memorisation" of these models.

Organizations in the B2B sector particularly face elevated risks of corporate data exposure, prompting higher security standards and stricter terms and conditions regarding data usage and protection. Anna Larkina, a specialist in security and privacy at Kaspersky, underscores the heightened chances of data leakage when employees use personal accounts for work-related purposes with chatbots.

To mitigate these risks, Larkina underscores the necessity of enhancing employee awareness about the confidentiality of data and establishing clear corporate guidelines for the utilization of chatbot services. Kaspersky experts recommend a set of proactive measures to ensure data safety while deploying chatbots within your business operations:

- Utilize robust, unpredictable passwords for all accounts.

- Stay vigilant against phishing endeavors.

- Keep employees informed about online threats and corresponding safety practices.

- Maintain updated software, operating systems, and antivirus protection.

- Limit the sharing of corporate information.

- Verify the authenticity of URLs and websites.

- Invest in a corporate security solution capable of analyzing cloud services to discourage employees from resorting to untrusted chatbots for work.

As the use of chatbots in the commercial environment continues to expand, businesses need to exercise due diligence in safeguarding their confidential information. By implementing Kaspersky's recommendations, companies can significantly reduce the privacy risks associated with chatbot usage.

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