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Tesla Cybertruck Endures First Public Road Crash in California

Published December 30, 2023
7 months ago

The Tesla Cybertruck, a much-anticipated electric pickup truck, has encountered its first crash on public roads, marking a significant moment in the vehicle's nascent trajectory. The incident occurred on December 28, 2023, on California’s SR-35, also known as Skyline Boulevard, involving the Cybertruck and a Toyota Corolla.

Details of the collision have surfaced via social media, and an official statement from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) provides an account of the events. According to the CHP, the crash was reported at approximately 2:05 pm near the south of Page Mill Road, when the Corolla veered off the road, re-entered, and crossed into oncoming traffic, colliding with the northbound Cybertruck.

The Cybertruck sustained visible damage, especially to the driver's side rear fender and door area, based on photographs and social media posts. Despite the impact which deployed the airbags in the Cybertruck, only minor injuries were reported. The Cybertruck driver complained of pain but declined medical transport, demonstrating the vehicle’s safety features may have effectively mitigated more severe harm. This crash underscores the ongoing discussion about the safety of electric vehicles as they climb in popularity and usage.

Interestingly, reports indicate that the driver of the Cybertruck was a Tesla engineer based in San Francisco, and the vehicle bore Texas plates. It remains under speculation whether the Cybertruck involved was part of the initial customer deliveries or a company vehicle from Tesla, given its Palo Alto registration.

This incident raises questions about the robustness of the Cybertruck's design and Tesla's commitment to safety in its electric vehicles. Moving forward, it stands as a testament to the scrutiny that new automotive technology endures and the importance of real-world testing.

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