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Finding Happiness in the Finnish Way of Life: A Colombian's Journey to Contentment in Helsinki

Published December 29, 2023
7 months ago

In an adventurous leap of faith, Jorge Reyes swapped the vibrant warmth of Bogotá's Caribbean rhythms for the serene forests and quaint urban life of Helsinki, Finland. Drawn by its reputation as the happiest place on Earth, the Colombian native embarks on a journey to discover the essence of Finnish contentment.

Reyes' story is a tapestry of contrasts, exchanging Bogotá's bustling streets and tropical heat for Helsinki's calm and the comforting community life tucked beneath a sometimes sun-shy sky. Despite initial hesitations, Reyes quickly adapts, his initial culture shock faded as he forges deep connections with the Finnish way of life.

His transition to Finland is smooth, thanks to welcoming immigration policies and the seamless ease of setting up his new life—a stark difference to the complex bureaucracy he had anticipated. The Finnish startup ecosystem provides fertile ground for his career ambitions, with Supermetrics recognizing his potential and facilitating his relocation to the Nordic county in March 2023.

Reyes' narrative highlights more than just a personal quest for happiness; it unveils Finland's societal fabric, woven with trust and communal support. His accounts of safely leaving belongings unattended and children sleeping openly speak to the deep societal trust. Harmless strolls through ever-available forests reflect a society's symbiotic relationship with nature.

Beyond the cultural insights, Reyes demystifies the practical aspects of living in Finland, from affordability to taxation, dispelling the notion that Nordic countries are prohibitively expensive for expatriates. But more remarkable is his exploration of the Finnish professional landscape—less hierarchical, more collaborative, and a bastion of work-life balance.

As a testament to Finland's inclusivity, Reyes notes the absence of racial prejudice in his daily life, an important consideration for expatriates seeking a welcoming environment. His expeditions across Europe, possible through Finland's prime location, further enrich his European experience.

While Reyes candidly discusses the pangs of homesickness, he counters them with his growing appreciation for Finnish peculiarities, like the social warmth that cuts through cold winters. His story is not just about the pursuit of happiness but finding it where one least expects—in the understated Nordic charm that has stolen his heart.

Jorge Reyes' experience underscores the universal yearning for a meaningful life, wherever it may lead. His TikTok chronicles are more than a personal diary; they're a beacon of inspiration, inviting the world to question norms and to be bold in the quest for happiness.

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