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Rolls-Royce Unveils Spectacular Bespoke Models in 2023

Published December 28, 2023
7 months ago

Rolls-Royce has once again affirmed its position at the pinnacle of automotive luxury and personalization with the delivery of five extraordinary bespoke models in 2023. Each vehicle serves as a testament to the brand's commitment to crafting unique automotive masterpieces that reflect the distinctive tastes and desires of their clients.

The Black Badge Cullinan Lucid Nights collection, produced exclusively for the South Korean market, captures the essence of Seoul's vibrant night life. The set of three custom Cullinans were designed to mirror the city's dynamic atmosphere with bold exterior colors including Lime Green, Indy Red, and Tucana Purple. The neon hues draw inspiration from the Seoul metropolis, renowned for its brightly lit streets after dusk.

Yet another stunning creation is the Rolls-Royce Ghost Champagne Rose. It’s a vision in a signature hue, embodying the persona of its owner, personified on social media as @ChampagneRose. The daunting task of maintaining a consistent color across diverse materials was met with ingenuity; Rolls-Royce meticulously formulated variations of the Champagne Rose color to account for differences in light absorption and reflection, ensuring a seamless look throughout the vehicle's interior and exterior.

The Black Badge Cullinan Blue Shadow paid tribute to the wonders of the cosmos, drawing inspiration from the Kármán Line—the boundary between Earth's atmosphere and outer space. Inside, passengers are greeted by a Starlight Headliner, a stunning depiction of the lunar surface achieved through a quarter-million stitches. Furthermore, the vehicle boasts the first-ever artistic perforations in the leather seats, replicating the patterns of clouds as seen from space.

Marking the conclusion of Wraith production, the Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow Private Collection includes the final 12 units of the last V12 coupé from Rolls-Royce. It celebrates Captain George Eyston’s 1938 land speed record, with a starlight headliner mirroring the night sky above Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats on the historical date. The coach doors feature an elaborate marquetry pattern that evokes the Salt Flats' textured terrain.

Finally, the Black Badge Ghost Ékleipsis Collection encapsulates the celestial phenomenon of a solar eclipse. Limited to only 25 examples, this collection was unveiled to coincide with a significant solar eclipse. The starlight headliner in each vehicle exhibits the cosmic dance of light and shadow, complete with an animated corona effect that lasts the maximum duration of a solar eclipse.

These exclusive commissions are not mere vehicles but moving artworks that bring together the finest craftsmanship, innovative technologies, and artistic expression. In true Rolls-Royce fashion, the brand continues to push the boundaries of luxury automotive design, providing a canvas for the most discerning clients to personalize their majestic chariots.

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