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Pierce Brosnan Cited for Thermal Area Trespass at Yellowstone National Park

Published December 28, 2023
7 months ago

Pierce Brosnan, the seasoned actor famed for his portrayal of the iconic spy James Bond, faced a brush with the law at Yellowstone National Park, not for espionage, but for what the National Park Service defines as a serious breach of the park's safety rules. Brosnan was cited for "foot travel in a thermal area," a particular section of the park known for its potentially hazardous geothermal activity.

Yellowstone's majestic allure extends over 2.22 million acres, boasting a rich tapestry of geothermal marvels that includes over 10,000 features like geysers, hot springs, and steam vents. This dramatic landscape is both a national treasure and a public safety concern, prompting stringent regulations that visitors are implored to follow.

The park's guidelines are crystal clear: Stay on the boardwalks and official trails. The reasoning behind such rules is grounded in safety. The thermal formations of Yellowstone, while alluring, can prove treacherous, or even deadly. The water in the park's hot springs reaches scalding temperatures sufficient to inflict severe burns, and the crust encompassing these springs is delicate and prone to breaking. Such dangers are not mere warnings but are evidenced by the deaths of more than 20 individuals since 1890, who have fallen victim to these beautiful yet perilous features.

Brosnan's transgression took place on November 1, with the cited code, 36 CFR 7.13(j), expressly prohibiting foot travel in all thermal areas of Yellowstone, unless strictly on boardwalks or designated trails. This law aims to prevent exactly the kind of situation that Brosnan found himself in.

While representatives for Brosnan have not yet responded to inquiries likely due to the holiday season, the citation issued is no light matter. Brosnan has been summoned for a mandatory court hearing on January 23 at a U.S. District Court in Wyoming. Coincidentally, Brosnan has been involved in the filming of a movie titled "Unholy Trinity" in nearby Montana, alongside notable costars Samuel L. Jackson and David Arquette.

Recent events at Yellowstone have similarly underscored the gravity of following park regulations. Another visitor suffered thermal burns after entering a restricted area while under the influence, resulting in federal charges. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Wyoming went as far as to label the individual a "danger to himself or others."

Brosnan's case serves not only as a cautionary tale but also as a signal to all visitors of the essential nature of adhering to park rules, designed as they are to protect the well-being of individuals and preservation of the park's natural beauty. The emphasis that Yellowstone and organizations such as the National Park Service place on these guidelines is unwavering and remains pivotal for ensuring a safe experience for all visitors.

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