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Beyond Restaurant: A Culinary Journey into South Africa's Endemic Flavours

Published December 26, 2023
7 months ago

Nestled in the picturesque Buitenverwachting Wine Estate, Beyond Restaurant is not just serving exquisite cuisine; it is also a platform for an extraordinary culinary narrative. Executive Chef Peter Tempelhoff, alongside Head Chef Sebastian Stehr, is pioneering an innovative gastronomic venture that journeys into the heart of South Africa's indigenous flavours.

The chefs at Beyond are on a mission to rediscover the country’s endemic, and sometimes overlooked, ingredients through a symbiotic partnership with Dr. Jan De Vynck from the African Centre for Coastal Paleoscience at Nelson Mandela University. This collaboration is more than a scholarly exercise—it's an exploration of taste, sustainability, and cultural inheritance meticulously woven into each dish served at the restaurant.

Nurturing a symbiotic relationship with the environment, Tempelhoff is not a stranger to accolades for his sustainability efforts, having been honoured with the esteemed World’s 50 Best Flor de Caña Sustainability Award in 2023 for his work at FYN Restaurant. He carries the same ethos forward in Beyond, coupling his culinary mastery with a commitment to ecological preservation. This translates into a meticulous sourcing process that prioritizes minimal environmental impact and an emphasis on local, sustainable ingredients.

The commitment from Beyond's chefs to delve into the ecological and historical narratives of ingredients likens their cooking to a study in flavour anthropology. Chef Stehr's recent expedition to Stilbaai with Dr. De Vynck exemplifies their hands-on approach, as they immerse themselves among the coastal ecosystems to glean insights into the historical use of local plants and how ancient Homo sapiens thrived on such biodiversity.

The enlightening ‘Origins of Flavour’ dinner series is an embodiment of these rich teachings, where diners savour a multi-course menagerie of foraged plants, seaweed, and seafood—a literal taste of history and culture. Ingredients such as pigroot, samphire, and sea preen fig become stars of the plate, telling a story larger than themselves.

The culinary philosophy at Beyond is comprehensive, offering more than just an educative experience—it's a celebration of South Africa's bio-cultural diversity on a plate. The intention is to regularly incorporate these coastal influences into its menus, which already teem with a selection of rare-breed meats, sea greens, heirloom vegetables, and artisan cheeses. This farm-to-fork—or sea-to-service—approach underscores the rich local provenance against an ever-evolving backdrop of culinary innovation.

The festive season at Beyond is poised to be a sumptuous affair with nine-course dinners on Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve and seven-course lunches on Christmas and New Year’s Day. Revelers can anticipate gourmet highlights like Wagyu beef canapés, sustainably sourced trout, perfectly roasted lamb rack, and a celebratory pavlova to round off the feast.

No world-class eating experience would be complete without an expertly curated wine pairing. Beverage director Jennifer Hugé steps in to elevate each dish with her encyclopedic knowledge of the estate's wines, offering a harmonious accompaniment to the vibrant flavours on the menu.

For gourmands and culinary explorers seeking an immersive dining encounter rooted in culture, sustainability, and innovation, Beyond’s official website awaits to secure your reservation. Embark on an exceptional culinary journey where every bite is rich in South Africa's natural abundance and the stories of its land and sea.

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