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South Africa's Foreign Asset Ownership Progress Boosts its Financial Standing

Published September 29, 2023
9 months ago

In an encouraging turn of events for the South African economy, the country witnessed a notable rise in its net balance of foreign asset ownership. A marked increase from R1.2-trillion at the end of December to R1.7-trillion at the end of March was observed. The growth was primarily attributed to valuation effects as domestic and foreign share market indices rose in the first quarter.

This enhancement in foreign asset ownership plays a pivotal role in improving the country's financial standing and creditworthiness. The Reserve Bank of South Africa confirmed these figures while releasing its second-quarter quarterly bulletin this past Thursday.

The rise in foreign assets, in this case, has surpassed the growth in foreign liabilities, bolstering South Africa's net international investment position. The tangible progress in South Africa's financial standing could potentially lead to more robust investor confidence and spur further economic development.

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