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South African Griller Attempting to Break World Record for Longest Braai

Published September 29, 2023
9 months ago

A segment of endurance was demonstrated by Gielie Basson, proprietor of Zamani Grill, during the past week in South Africa's Little Karoo. Basson endeavored to break the world record for the longest continuous braai, tipping the scale at an impressive 84 hours straight from September 21 to September 24.

Zamani Grill, hailed as 'The Smallest Bar' on Route 62, basked in the limelight as Basson tirelessly manned the grill for almost three and a half days. This physical endeavor was an attempt to overcome the previous record of 80 hours, placing the devoted griller in the competitive global spotlight.

To keep this feat within the ambit of the official guidelines, Basson had to ensure at least five items were braaied at all times, employing a meticulous strategy of replacing each finished product with a raw one before retiring the cooked item. It was a challenge of sheer endurance as Basson managed with a mere three hours of sleep throughout the grueling span.

While the celebratory air fills Zamani Grill, the confirmation of Basson's achievement awaits a thorough verification process. Basson needs to submit substantial evidence, a process estimated to take about two months before final affirmation by the official record keepers.

Followers keenly tuned into the herculean effort via livestream and social media updates while engaging in rooting for Basson's venture aimed towards global recognition. For a fuller insight, refer to our beloved Clarence Ford's comprehensive audio interview in the link provided.

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