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The Relentless Chase for the Legendary 'Superboss' Across Durban's Streets

Published September 25, 2023
9 months ago

South Africa is regarded as the hub of some remarkably powerful cars including the remarkable Opel Kadett GSI 16V S, also known as 'Superboss.' But what makes the Superboss so unique is how it incites electrifying debates amongst car enthusiasts, especially those who were part of the 1990s racing epoch.

Born during the Stannic Group N days, the car has substantiated a legendary track record with Mike Briggs, snatching numerous wins, races, and championships. Its notable history often sparks lively discussions at gatherings, and those uninformed should take the time to acquaint themselves with its prestigious journey from a reliable parent or grandparent or through a careful YouTube search.

Seen more like a valuable collectible on wheels today, the Superboss fetches hefty figures at auction. For proof, an Opel Kadett GTE from 1985 was recently sold off at the Creative Rides classic and collectable auction at a staggering R500 000. On the other hand, an intact original is almost impossible to find due to the extraordinary specifications the car offers. They are either residing in private museums or exist in their original or fully restored forms among a tight-knit car collector group.

I had the pleasure of spending a day with Richard Wint, a renowned collector who owns a fully restored, stock-standard Superboss among several other cars in his collection. He inherited a passion for such beauty after being inspired by Mike Briggs himself and spent around five years rigorously searching before he finally discovered one. Speaking to him, his excitement and love for the iconic vehicle seep through his words.

Richard advises potential buyers to always put the car on a ramp to check for potential damage, rust, or any past repair work. It's also important, he says, to consult with an expert if you're not mechanically inclined. Considering the value of the car, he points out that initiating classic car insurance is advisable.

Richard's garage, the dreamland of any petrolhead, hosts all the tools needed to maintain these valuable cars. Maintenance, he says, is simple enough if you're confident enough around the engine since most service parts are readily available.

His Superboss has been offered numerous times given the frequent displays around town and at shows. While it's difficult to place an exact value on such classics, fully restored ones can exceed R450k. However, cheaper ones do exist, although the restoration costs might prove quite substantial.

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