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Oracle Founder Asserts AI Transforming Customer Interface Businesses

Published September 24, 2023
9 months ago

The age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is upon us and is poised to reinvent the way businesses interact with their clients, says Larry Ellison, the founder and chair of Oracle. In a persuasive tone reflecting the imminent shift in corporate strategy, Ellison delivered a keynote address, at the Oracle CloudWorld Conference in Las Vegas on Tuesday, which was similar to a clarion call to embrace AI for swiftly and accurately addressing client needs.

Ellison, a pioneering figure in the software business, compares the transformative touch of AI to the sweeping changes the personal computing revolution brought about. His assertion that "AI changes everything," was less of a suspenseful reveal and more of an affirmation of an ongoing shift observed by industry insiders. It underscores the evolving role of AI tools in redefining efficient client interactions, especially in fields where customer service holds paramount significance.

With Ellison's comments, expectations from AI technology rise, believable to widen the scope of its use in customer-facing enterprises to bolster response times and enhance the accuracy of support, thereby boosting client satisfaction rates. The profound impact on business-client dynamics inspired by AI, as highlighted by Ellison, marks what could be the biggest strategic pivot in software business operations since the proliferation of personal computers.

The Oracle CloudWorld Conference, which attracts technology enthusiasts worldwide, served as an apt platform for the Oracle founder to highlight AI's game-changing potential, marking a definitive start to the new year in tech dialogues.

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