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Dire Water Shortage Forces Johannesburg to Advocate Towards Two-Minute Showers

Published September 21, 2023
9 months ago

As Johannesburg, South Africa continues to grapple with a severe water crisis, officials from Johannesburg Water and Rand Water - the primary water practitioners in the region, have issued a poignant call for strict water conservation measures among the city's residents. This has culminated in the unusual advisory of a two-minute shower limit, among other recommendations.

These drastic steps have come in response to a significantly heightened water consumption rate that has led to alarmingly dwindling reservoir levels and strained the city's water infrastructure to the verge of collapse. This crisis is a symptom of an ongoing annual water restriction period, typically stretching from September to March - a result of South Africa's dry season.

The water companies are encouraging all residents to participate in this unprecedented campaign for water conservation. Alongside the two-minute shower rule, they are recommending the reservation of toilet flushing for essential use only, and limiting car washes to weekends utilizing buckets.

The appeal extends to refraining from filling swimming pools until the crisis ebbs and preventing unnecessary usage of potable water for activities such as lawn and garden irrigation. Residents are further requested to act swiftly in case of water leaks, by repairing them or reporting them immediately.

These precautionary measures have been deemed crucial due to recent developments which have left certain residents, along with key facilities like hospitals, bereft of water access. This has ignited dissatisfaction and underlined the need for an immediate water conservation initiative.

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