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Alarming Incidents of Rough Waves Hitting Jongensfontein, Sweeping Cars into the Ocean

Published September 21, 2023
9 months ago

In an alarming wave of incidents, the usually serene coastal town of Jongensfontein near Stilbaai was hit by chaotic sea conditions that swept several cars into the ocean today. Reports noted that as many as four cars were carried away by the tumultuous waters around the infamous swimming hole, an area much favored by the town's residents for their dips.

The severity of the situation was further strained as the water levels ominously lapped at the entrance of a neighboring liquor store even before the peak of the high tide. As the day unfolded, the sea displayed a troubling turbulence complemented by robust winds, making it a precarious day on the coast.

Parallel reports from George's beaches also projected the same state of affairs, leading to multiple beach closures due to similarly high tides. The intensity of the sea was such that a wave crashing through a window of 'The Brass Bell', a celebrated seafood eatery in Kalk Bay, was reported.

The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) was alerted about the unusual wave activity around 3:30 pm. The NSRI actively monitored the situation, well-prepared to act promptly if required.

Visual documentation of the wave activity showed waves menacingly moving towards habitations in the vicinity, causing concern among locals and visitors alike. The formidable wave action was seen particularly around the Cape coastline in Gordon’s Bay, as captured and broadcasted by TrafficSA.

All digitized footage of the event should be sent to [email protected] for proper crediting.

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