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US Explorer Close to Rescue From Depths of Turkish Cave

Published September 21, 2023
9 months ago

US adventurer Mark Dickey, 40, who was exploring Turkey's third-deepest cave, Morca Cave, located in the country's southern Taurus Mountains, encountered severe stomach issues on Sept. 2 and has been trapped since. Following the development of his critical health condition, an elaborate rescue operation has been initiated, which reportedly is one of the most complex ever launched.

The location where Dickey fell ill is approximately 1,120 meters below ground level. Currently, an international alliance of rescuers, explorers, and medical specialists is making concerted endeavors to evacuate him up to a base camp which is situated at a comparatively moderate depth of 180 meters.

Owing to the constricted passageways within the cave complex, Dickey has been strapped to a stretcher and is being lifted vertically by ropes whenever there’s a need. The strategy, as narrated by the Turkish Caving Federation, is to continue the rescue mission from the -180-meter point after Dickey has rested adequately at the camp.

There are promising signs about Dickey's health. After the immediate intervention of medical staff who promptly reached him, his health has shown signs of improvement. Emergency services head Cenk Yildiz stated: "His health is generally good now, he's being nourished with fluids. His stomach bleeding issues have been managed with plasma and serum support."

Feeling grateful for the timely healthcare support, Dickey acknowledged in a video recorded on Wednesday: "The quick response of the Turkish government in providing the critical medical supplies that I needed, in my opinion, saved my life."

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