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Google Reinvents Search Engine Functionality for Africa

Published September 21, 2023
9 months ago

Leading global technology giant, Google, is making significant strides to improve its Search functionality in Africa, fundamentally changing how users experience the virtual information landscape. Aimed to augment reliability, relevance, and user safety, the tech giant is overhauling key areas in its search engine operations.

Google is revamping its ranking system to filter unreliable content better, especially around vulnerable subjects like medical misinformation and conspiracy theories. Google's PageRank algorithm serves not only as a search result matcher but also as a content authority investigator by analysing web page interlinks. The algorithm has been adapted over time to address the evolving internet landscape and technology advancement. Google has also crafted strategies to caution users when search results may lack reliable or high-quality content.

Google is also strengthening its ability to comprehend users' queries better. Historical focus on the meaning behind search queries drove the development of advanced systems that improved on word-matching techniques. Understanding context, synonyms, and improving spelling resulted in better search results. Large language models like BERT decipher natural language queries, translating learnings from one language to others. Google has also integrated AI technology, including generative models alongside its Search function, paving the way for potential improvements to query interpretation and information organisation.

Non-textual information sources and innovative query methods are other areas Google is aggressively pursuing. Leveraging advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP), visual search functionalities were introduced enabling users to search using images or voice. ABILITY to "hum to search" and visual searches using Google's Lens, which performs 12 billion searches per month, boosting the search experience by operating more like human interactions. Most recently, Google introduced the game-changing multi-search function, which combines text and images.

Lastly, Google's ongoing fight against spam remains a priority. The company is committed to keeping its search results highly relevant by maintaining spam-free results above 99%. Enhanced techniques powered by AI, are employed into spam detection to ensure user safety.

Preserving user safety and access to information are Google's principal driving forces. Google continues to create policies that allow users to control how their personal information appears in the search results, while updates reduce explicit content ranking and exploitation by certain sites.

Google's advancements in the Search function in Africa underline its long-term commitment to improving internet users' overall experience.

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