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Surge in Tree Emergencies in Cape Town: Record-breaking Season for City's Emergency Teams

Published September 21, 2023
9 months ago

Cape Town's Tree Emergency Teams, part of the City’s Recreation and Parks Department have faced their busiest season ever. Responding to a record 76 emergency calls between May and August, the teams have noted a jump of 100% when compared to the previous year’s count of 35.

In a volatile mix of heavy rainfall, saturated soil and powerful winds, trees across the city uprooted causing significant damage to infrastructure and obstructing roadways. The month of June proved the most challenging, with 46 tree-related emergencies recorded across areas such as Parow, Constantia, Monte Vista and Durbanville.

One particularly poignant incident was the toppling of a tree in the early hours on 19 June on the M3 due to intense winds and waterlogged soil. Despite the elevated risk and challenging conditions, the emergency teams sprang into action, to protect residents and their property.

Taking a proactive stance against this rising issue, local authorities conducted preventive maintenance on several nearby trees, a strategy that has reportedly helped lessen the risk of future incidents.

Reflecting on the demanding winter season, Councillor Patricia van der Ross, the mayoral committee member for community services and health, expressed admiration for the Tree Emergency Teams' dedication and efficiency under challenging circumstances. She also urged the residents to contribute to mitigating future risks by maintaining trees on their private property all year round.

Cape Town citizens are encouraged to report any hazardous public trees to the Recreation and Parks area office or request pruning services via the city’s website, telephone service, or directly by email. For immediate tree-related emergencies, residents can contact the city’s Public Emergency Communication Centre.

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