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Eskom Intensifies Load Shedding to Stage 5, Pledges Efforts to Restore Power Generation Capacity

Published September 21, 2023
9 months ago

Eskom, South Africa's struggling power corporation, has confirmed the initiation of stage 5 load shedding from 4pm today. This escalation, which will continue until 5am on Monday, is a distressing pronouncement for the nation's energy consumers. The amplification in intentional power outages is orchestrated as a step towards reinstating emergency generation reserves, according to Daphne Mokwena, Eskom’s spokesperson.

This surge has been credited to an increase in intended maintenance, from an average of 3,000 MW in June to 6,000 MW in September, compounded by recent multiple unit failures. "Breakdowns currently stand at 16,572MW of generating capacity, concurrently while maintenance rakes up to 6,287MW. Several generation units at various power stations including Duvha, Hendrina, Tutuka and Kendal were marked offline for restorative works in this span," Mokwena apprised.

She proceeded, stating that the unit at Kendal and Tutuka power stations' returning to service was delayed, contributing significantly to the prevailing capacity constraints. Yet, Eskom’s personnel, Mokwena ensures, are working vigorously to reactivate these generating units.

To mitigate the ensuing power demands estimated to be 26,608MW in the evening peak, Eskom implores the public to continue mitigating usage. Mokwena thanked citizens who responded positively to the call for conserving electricity, particularly between 17:00 to 21:00, stating that their efforts will contribute to alleviating the pressure on the power system.

A commitment to keep the public updated on any impactful modifications was further pledged by Mokwena, leaving South Africans clinging to the hope that power stability will soon return to their daily lives.

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