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Ukraine's Sea Drones Decimated in Failed Attack on Russian-Crimea Bridge, Moscow Reports

Published September 21, 2023
9 months ago

Escalating tensions in Eastern Europe, Russia disclosed that its defences halted and destroyed three Ukrainian naval drones that launched an unsuccessful attack on the strategically significant Crimea bridge. This comes amid increasing efforts by Kyiv to disable the vital transportation link between the Russian mainland and the Moscow-controlled Crimean Peninsula.

On the late hours of Friday followed by early Saturday morning, Russia's defence ministry confirmed via the Telegram messaging platform, that a total of three naval drones succumbed to its robust defence lines. The news surfaced initially on the 1st of September when an unmanned boat filled partially with explosives was identified and destroyed, thwarting a terrorist strike initiated by the Kyiv regime, as coined by Russia’s defence ministry.

Once again, in the early hours of the next day, another semi-submersible unmanned craft sent by the Ukrainian side was decimated before it could inflict any damage on the Crimean bridge.

Playing a symbolically important role for Russia's President Vladimir Putin, the 19-kilometre-long Crimea bridge, comprising of parallel structures for road and rail traffic, physically ties Ukraine's Crimean peninsula to Russian turf. The annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014 turned the region into a hotbed of chaos. Recently, the frequency and intensity of attacks on the Crimean territory have witnessed a surge, as Kyiv pledges to reclaim the peninsula.

In July, an attack on the bridge resulted in two casualties and substantial damage to road sections, disrupting the movement of military equipment amidst the ongoing conflict with Ukraine. In October 2022, a truck bomb left the bridge, which straddles the Kerch Strait, in severe disrepair. Recently, Russia has reportedly been sinking ferries in the Kerch Strait to create a protective shield for the Crimean bridge against future attacks. According to Ukraine’s military intelligence, the submerged vessels are expected to serve as a buffer zone in the water ahead of the bridge.

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