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Safer South Africa Foundation Honours 100 Simanyene High School Pupils for Completing Life-Changing Programme

Published September 21, 2023
9 months ago

In a recent event, the Safer South Africa Foundation acknowledged 100 Simanyene High School pupils, ranging from Grade 8 to Grade 11, for successfully completing a programme designed to steer their lives towards a positive path. The Foundation firmly believes that no child is inherently a criminal.

The scholarly programme exposed the pupils to the processes and workings of justice system including police stations, courts, and jails, allowing them to understand first hand how offenders are dealt with. The strategic aim was to give them a clear view of the potential consequences of criminal behaviour.

Retired General Riah Phiyega, CEO of Safer South Africa Foundation, voiced her opinion on the programme and its purpose. She stressed the importance of proactive measures against crime, saying South Africa generally reacts to crime rather than taking preventive steps. She further praised the programme for offering a range of choices to students for positive life development.

Nolubabalo Moyake, the school's HOD in science, mentioned that half of the participating students were reportedly exhibiting negative behaviour, with some already engaged in drug usage. However, teachers have reported progressive betterment of these children, witnessing their transformation first hand after joining the programme.

One of the students, Amnkele Muthemba, highlighted how the programme helped her understand the importance of staying away from crime and building up an independent character.

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