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Harmony Gold Commissions First Phase of Renewable Energy Project

Published September 21, 2023
8 months ago

Harmony Gold, one of South Africa's leading gold mining companies, has taken a crucial step towards renewable energy, commissioning the first phase of its renewable energy programme. This important milestone involves a 30-megawatt solar plant that is expected to cater to approximately 6% of the total energy needs at its South African operations.

This initiative represents the first round of a four-phase project that Harmony has mapped out as part of its strategic, long-term approach to energy generation. Over the next two years, the company plans to complete the second phase of the project, which is designed to increase renewable energy generation to about 170 megawatts. This increase would make up around 20% of Harmony Gold's power requirement at its mining operations.

This move towards renewable energy sources underscores Harmony Gold's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and aligning itself with global sustainability initiatives. It presents a model for other companies in the mining sector to emulate. The secondary and tertiary phases of the project are also expected to contribute substantially to the company's energy efficiency.

The use of solar power is particularly well-suited to South Africa's abundant sunshine, making it a practical and environmentally friendly solution for Harmony's operations. As the project advances, the company foresees an overall reduction in energy costs which is set to positively impact the bottom line and contribute to sustainable mining practices.

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