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Former ANC Secretary General, Ace Magashule, Announces New Political Party

Published September 21, 2023
8 months ago

Ace Magashule, who was ousted from his role as African National Congress secretary general, is launching a new political movement in South Africa known as the African Congress for Transformation (ACT). A noteworthy ally of previous president Jacob Zuma, Magashule was expelled from the ANC a mere two months ago for violating the party's constitution.

Magashule invited the nation's citizens to board his “new ship for freedom” while addressing a press conference in Soweto. He expressed his appeal particularly to those South Africans who feel weary and politically manipulated, echoing sentiments of abandonment by current leadership.

Criticisms and allegations of corruption that tarnished the ANC's reputation also follow Magashule; he's under prosecution for corruption, fraud, and money laundering. These charges stem from the alleged misappropriation of public funds reserved for the removal of asbestos from government-constructed homes.

Despite his legal battles, Magashule remains a popular figure amongst portions of South Africa's left-leaning electorate. He expressed his disillusionment with the ANC, asserting that it had deserted its centre-left stance while accelerating its shift towards the right.

Magashule concludes with a nostalgic lament about the ANC's ideological shift away from what it used to represent during Oliver Tambo's time, which subsequently led to him and several other former ANC members departing to form ACT. The new party's official registration status with South Africa's electoral commission is currently not confirmed.

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