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Unprecedented Drone Assault across Russian

Published September 21, 2023
8 months ago

In a significant move in the protracted conflict between Ukraine and Russia, Ukrainian forces have carried out the largest drone attack to date on Russian land, spread across six distinctive regions. This was reported by the Russian state media, indicating a sharp escalation in the intense hostilities that have marked recent times.

According to reports, the regions targeted in this audacious drone attack included key southern areas such as Kaluga, Ryazan, Bryansk, and Oryol, along with the nerve centre of the nation- Moscow, and Pskov, a northwestern part located near Estonia.

The attack in Pskov caused significant disruption, hitting the city's airport and resulting in the destruction of four military transport aircraft. The authorities, in response, have suspended all flights to and from the airport for the duration of Wednesday to assess and manage the damage. In a statement from the city mayor, it was confirmed that the fires have been successfully contained and, importantly, there were no immediate casualties related to the attack.

Despite the apparent impunity of the drone strikes, the Russian military claims to have shot down seven drones during the course of the operation. Of these, three were reported over Bryansk, two over Oryol, with Kaluga and Moscow reporting a downed drone each. No physical damage or casualties were reported from these actions.

Reports of these unprecedented moves in the Ukraine-Russia conflict promise to be followed globally with great interest, analyses and repercussions.

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