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South African Customised BMW E9 Named Nkabi Wins Big at Slammed UK Show

Published September 21, 2023
8 months ago

South African car enthusiast, Tariq Moosa, championed over 6,000 European car competitors at the 2023 edition of the Slammed UK Show, held in Birmingham. An extraordinary feat by any standard, representing the Motherland with his phenomenal car building mastery. Interestingly, 'Nkabi,' the Zulu word for hitman, serves as the moniker for Moosa's victorious vehicle — a testimony to its power and excellence.

A life-long passion for cars, which began at 16, saw Moosa pedalling away in his garage, toiling through the night to transform machines into automotive marvels. After an apprenticeship at Nissan and climbing corporate ladders by day, he committed to his passion and built a successful business — Chicano Customs — in 2016.

The path towards victory began with disappointment. After losing a deal on his sought-after BMW 325iS, he stumbled upon the E9, which he not only knowing would require less work, but more importantly satisfying a long-sought desire. Committed to perfection, Moosa and his team at Chicano Customs went beyond initial preparations, tackling unforeseen rust and rebuilding the car entriely.

Blessed with an extensive support system, including his dedicated staff working tirelessly after-hours for five weeks and sponsors such as Hi-Tech mag repairs, Vees auto pipes, Airlux, and Discit covering vital parts and services, the journey was never a solo one.

Understanding the power of naming, the team aptly called the car Nkabi. True to character, it shot down competition just like a hitman. After the meticulous labor, the challenge of shipping the car over to the UK was presented, but with the collaboration of C&R Global Logistics, another seemingly insurmountable barrier was tackled effortlessly.

Despite initial hiccups, including a denied visa application, Moosa navigated his way into the UK, armed not only with an invitation to this prestigious show but also the overwhelming support of an international car community. Faced with minor faults upon arrival in the UK, the team at Car Audio and Security were prompt in lending a helping hand.

A moment of glory and national pride, Moosa’s Nkabi outshone 595 of Europe’s finest cars, securing a spot in the top 5 at Slammed UK. Winning wasn't the highlight for Moosa; it was being on the frontline, experiencing first-hand, the heartening support from South Africans who travelled far and wide to be a part of this memorable event.

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