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Nandipha Magudumana's Kidnap Claims and Legal Analysis

Published September 21, 2023
8 months ago

Dr Nandipha Magudumana's bail application and claim of being kidnapped took a twist recently as the legal analyst, Nthabiseng Dubazana, shared her perspectives on the case. Magudumana is currently under scrutiny for her alleged role in aiding the escape of infamous Facebook rapist and murderer, Thabo Bester.

The fourth accused in a line-up of 11 people implicated in Bester's breakout from Mangaung Correctional Centre, Magudumana claims she was kidnapped by Bester and forcibly taken out of South Africa. According to her affidavit, she discovered that Bester was in possession of her travel documents only during their arrest in Tanzania.

Dubazana, analysing the case, noted that the court needs to establish a prima facie case against Magudumana, and if her bail grant aligns with the cause of justice. She questioned why Magudumana didn't previously reveal Bester's alleged abduction in her appeal against the arrest.

Casting more doubt on Magudumana's defence, Dubazana pointed out that her right to remain silent can only be invoked after she’s fully informed about the charges against her. She further stated that Magudumana's chances of acquiring the bail could be affected, as there were no mentions of coercion in her high court application.

Adding to the complexity of the case, Magudumana faces charges including aiding an escape, concealing and harbouring a fugitive, violating a body and fraud. She expressed the intention of pleading not guilty to the accusations.

Magudumana's trial is set to be an intense legal battle, which could shed vital light on the circumstances of Bester's escape and capture as well as the others accused in this high-profile case.

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